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Fiona Hudson-Kelly

The realities of scaling

Entrepreneurship can be a exhilarating but tumultuous journey, especially when you are scaling your business. But let’s be honest with ourselves are we viewing the scale-up journey through rose-tinted glasses? Are we demanding brutal honesty - from yourself and your...

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Balancing ideation with business stability

The world of entrepreneurship is dynamic, and innovation isn't a luxury - it's a necessity. As your startup finds its wings and establishes its presence, let’s unpick how to continuously create a culture of ideation. Whilst efficiently managing the operational side...

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The diversity of your mentors

When searching for and selecting your mentors, diversity isn’t just a buzzword. It could be the secret sauce for your long term entrepreneurial success. While it’s not limited to race or gender, diversity in mentorship includes a whole range of experiences and backgrounds that can fuel your innovation, creativity, and resilience. 

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